Siemon webinar to recap 40GBase-T, Category 8 cabling

To be presented by Siemon’s Valerie Maguire on December 18.

Siemon announced that it is continuing its new webinar series with a summary of 40GBase-T technology and next-generation Category 8 cabling. The free webinar, entitled 40GBASE-T and Category 8 Copper Cabling Developments, will be presented by Siemon’s Valerie Maguire on December 18, 2013.

With 10GBase-T expected to become the primary choice for cloud and data center upgrades within the next two years, and 10GBase-T port shipments forecasted to exceed 30 million by 2016, many in the industry want to know more about what’s coming next. With current data traffic trends predicting that 1 terabyte per second of core networking bandwidth will be needed by 2015, the IEEE 802.2 began development of a 40GBase-T application for deployment over balanced twisted-pair cabling to support access networks in the near future. Shortly thereafter, the TIA TR-42.7 Copper Cabling Subcommittee and ISO/IEC began work on defining category 8 cabling performance specifications to support 40GBase-T.

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Siemon's educational webinar will summarize the progress being made by IEEE, TIA and ISO/IEC in defining the key objectives and requirements for 40GBase-T and category 8 cabling. It will also summarize related bandwidth trends, deliver guidance on interpreting 40 Gb/s claims and dispel common myths about cabling media and application capability.

“We are excited to continue our complimentary webinar series with up-to-date information on the latest standards, trends and technologies,” says David Wall, global integrated marketing manager at Siemon. “As part of Siemon’s commitment to keeping industry professionals and their customers informed, this interactive educational webinar will provide expert insight into 40GBase-T and next generation copper cabling on the horizon. The webinar will also provide a Q&A portion for participants to interact with our expert presenter, Valerie Maguire, to get the answers they need surrounding this latest technology.”

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