Forthcoming report to assess 100-Gbit/sec opportunities

Market analysis firm CIR ( expects to release new research early this year about opportunities in the emerging 100-Gbits/sec market.

Market analysis firm CIR ( expects torelease new research early this yearabout opportunities in the emerging100-Gbits/sec market.

The study, “The Path to 100 Gbps Networks,” will give special attention to the implications of the key standards-making efforts at the IEEE, and predict what the likely commercial implications will be. According to CIR, the report will discuss how the emerging standards for the next wave of high-speed networking will both fit in with and replace older standards, such as Fibre Channel, InfiniBand, and SONET. It willalso explain and quantify the demand for 100-Gbits/sec speeds, covering the needs of large data centers, high-performance computing applications, service providers, and carriers.

The report is expected to contain current profiles of the latest research and development as well as product development activity of leading component vendors.

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