EXFO introduces cloud-based Test Function Virtualization

Company says the new TFv offering will help network operators enhance operational processes and optimize test-asset investments.

EXFO Inc. recently introduced EXFO TFv – Test Function Virtualization, which the company describes as “the industry’s first suite of defined offerings that focuses on test function virtualization. Building on EXFO’s market-leading EXFO Connect solution—the industry’s first cloud-based test results and asset-management solution—EXFO TFv offers all the benefits of virtualization through the seamless enablement of test functions on any EXFO test asset, at any time.”

FTB OnDemand is TFv’s key component, the company says. It is an application for “instantiating and distributing time-based licenses,” EXFO explains, “giving service providers unparalleled flexibility to perform a specific test function, on a specific EXFO test asset, when needed.” The application ensures assets are fully leveraged at any point in the service-deployment and -maintenance lifecycle, EXFO notes. It allows carriers to test specific rates or standards without having to purchase the software license, thereby allowing for what EXFO describes as “a barrier-free entry point while reducing costs, increasing business efficiency, and delivering greater flexibility.” When combined with the FTB-88100NGE module, the FTB OnDemand application enables users to configure the module for 10G testing, and enable 100G testing capability when that need arises.

Also key to TFv is FTB Anywhere, “which enables operators to share testing software licenses across multiple platforms within their test fleet,” EXFO says. “This ensures the instantiation of tests can be done in real-time to ensure that any field task can be completed without the need of costly repeats.”

EXFO TFv is available on a number of EXFO test modules, including the FTB-88100NGE and FTB-8830NGE Power Blazer modules, as well as the NetBlazer series of modules.

Visit EXFO TFv.

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