IT/OT Collaboration: Protecting Networking Equipment in Diverse Manufacturing Environments

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As more organizations continue to pursue the promise of intelligent, data-driven business decisions, the importance of properly deploying and managing the physical networks that connect manufacturing environments to the rest of the organization intensifies. This may seem like the exclusive role of the Information Technology (IT) department at first glance, but the entire organization, including those in Operational Technology (OT) are key stakeholders as well. This is especially true for systems control/automation engineers, manufacturing engineers, maintenance engineers or facilities managers with specific, first-hand knowledge that can help IT and the rest of the organization realize the potential of data-driven decisions. These specialists know what data to capture, where to best capture it and how to manage the facility where the physical network that collects and connects that data must be built and maintained.

This paper, then, provides key considerations to help drive meaningful IT/OT collaboration for those actively engaged in the design, deployment and continuous maintenance of the data capture network in the manufacturing environment.