Tessco awards wireless technology innovators

Winners were recognized this month at the distributor's annual national sales meeting.

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Tessco Technologies (NASDAQ: TESS), a value-added technology distributor, manufacturer, and solutions provider to commercial and retail customers in the wireless infrastructure and mobile device accessories markets, announced the winners of its 2019 Innovation Awards, honoring companies in the wireless technology field who are pushing boundaries with cutting-edge new products and solutions.

The distributor's winning products for wireless infrastructure included: 

* The WilsonPro 1000C, an enterprise-grade LTE signal booster with cloud monitoring capabilities;  

* Comba’s CriticalPoint Antenna Monitoring System, an RFID equipped, real-time monitoring solution for Public Safety in-building networks;  

* CommScope’s SnapTak PIM-Guard Adjustable Hangers, a cable mounting solution for simplified installation and PIM reductions;  

* PCTEL’s Public Safety Network Testing Solution – P25 & Cellular, a versatile test platform designed to meet the strict requirements for Public Safety networks. 

“Once again this year we received an astonishing number of impressive submissions to our Innovation Awards,” commented Charles Kriete, Tessco Sr. VP of Commercial Sales, Product Marketing, and Supply Chain. “It gets more difficult each year to select the winners, but we feel these products represent true innovation and have changed the landscape of their respective markets.” 

In the awards' mobile device accessory category, the winning products were:  

* OtterBox’s Otter + Pop collaboration with PopSockets, which combines the company's signature cases with an integrated PopGrip that collapses flat;  

* PopSockets’ Swappable PopGrips, which make their popular products customizable;  

* Samsung’s Galaxy Buds, the company's latest wireless earbuds. 

“The technology, creativity, and versatility in the retail products we selected this year was especially impressive,” concluded Liz Robinson, Tessco Sr. VP of Retail Sales and Product Marketing. “Samsung continues to deliver cutting-edge audio with their Galaxy Buds and to see two of our industry’s biggest brands in OtterBox and PopSockets join forces to create a product to meet a need shows the possibilities when we identify mutually beneficial opportunities.” 

Winners were recognized at Tessco’s annual National Sales Meeting on May 1. 

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