Spatial diversity antennas resolve areas of wireless multi-path interference

L-com has introduced its HyperLink brand spatial diversity/cross polarized sectorial panel antennas.

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L-com has introduced its HyperLink brand 2.4 GHz Spatial Diversity/Cross Polarized Sectorial Panel Antennas. These outdoor, all-weather antennas are designed with two identical and independent internal cross polarized antennas fed via four connectors. The spatial diversity feature of the antennas is useful for operating in areas susceptible to the effects of multi-path interference, notes the company.

By providing spatial diversity, the radio's internal circuitry can select between the two receive antennas for better wireless reception. In the case of 802.11n or MIMO, two or more spatially or polarization diverse antennas are required for the radio to operate at its highest data rate. Additionally, inside each sector antenna enclosure are two independent cross polarized antennas. These cross polarized antennas double the wireless capacity over the same channels.

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Each of the two internal cross polarized antennas are fed via two N-Female ports, one for +45° polarized and one for -45° polarized signals. This feature makes this antenna ideal for polarization diversity systems, says L-com. “Our new spatial diversity, cross-polarized antennas are perfect for use in areas plagued with multi-path interference," comments Ken Burgner, wireless product manager at L-com. "Their unique design makes them ideal for service providers operating in the 2.4 GHz ISM band."

The two new antennas are listed below and can be ordered directly from the web site or by calling L-com sales at 1-800-341-5266.

HG2412SXP-120 - 2.4 GHz, 12 dBi, 120 Degree Beam Width Spatial Diversity/Cross Polarized Sectorial Panel Antenna
HG2416SXP-090 - 2.4 GHz, 16 dBi, 90 Degree Beam Width Spatial Diversity/Cross Polarized Sectorial Panel Antenna

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