Sacramento's ARCO Arena taps Xirrus for concessions Wi-Fi

Arena upgrades legacy access points to handle all PCI transactions.

Wireless systems vendor and developer Xirrus announced deployment of its Wi-Fi Arrays at ARCO Arena in Sacramento, California, home to the NBA’s Sacramento Kings.

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The arena seats up to 17,317 guests and caters to nearly 200 spectator events each year. To increase productivity and profitability for concession sales, ARCO says it upgraded its legacy access points to the Xirrus Arrays, for more reliable arena-wide networking to handle all PCI transactions.

“We first chose to use Wi-Fi to meet our requirements with the NBA with regards to providing the media with Internet access,” commented John Rinehart, Senior Vice President of Business Operations for Maloof Sports & Entertainment, owner of ARCO Arena. “We soon learned that by using Wi-Fi with our concessions network, we could better serve our customers as it allows us the flexibility and mobility that a traditional wired network lacks.”

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Rinehart added, “We learned about Xirrus products from a consulting firm we brought in to assist in resolving coverage issues with our existing concessions network. We evaluated Xirrus products as well as competitors’ products for the best fit and found that Xirrus was the best solution for this application due to the ease of deployment."


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