Six-wave signal generator reduces DAS test time

Berkeley Varitronics Systems’ Komodo provides up to six continuous wave signals in ranges from 100 MHz to 6 GHz to support in-building DAS design, verification and optimization.

The Komodo DAS Signal Generator is Berkeley Varitronics Systems’ latest wireless-analysis tool, and promises to reduce the time required to design, verify and optimize in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS). Komodo provides up to six continuous wave signals used in cell phone communications, in ranges from 100 MHz to 6 GHz. “The key advantage offered by six transmit signals that are internally combined through one RF output connector is the ability to test six unique frequencies during a single walk test, reducing total testing time,” the company said when announcing the Komodo.

The instrument has up to six independent, NIST-traceable calibrated modules that output through an internal combiner, the company explained. “This allows any combination of bands in order to replicate the actual indoor networks that will eventually be installed,” Berkeley Varitronics said. “The rugged chassis is battery-powered for uninterrupted and remote operation from any test site. The Komodo also features a 7-inch touchscreen LCD, all in a lightweight design that is easy to transport and allowing for any field engineer ease of setup and operation.”

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