PoE-based sensor adds security to wireless access point enclosure

Component installed inside access point enclosure senses any unauthorized opening of the enclosure and logs the incident with the wireless system.

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The Model 1790 Power over Ethernet Interlock Switch (PoE ILS) from Oberon Inc., an optional component designed to be installed inside Oberon's wireless access-point enclosures, senses any unauthorized opening of the enclosure and facilitates the wireless system's logging of that incident. When installed in-line with a PoE Ethernet connection to a WiFi access point, the Model 1790 PoE ILS will disrupt the incoming power to the wireless access point when the enclosure door or lock is opened. Enterprise-class access points will log this event, as will wireless controllers, Oberon explains.

This capability "can be of great value in a government/FIPS environment," Oberon says, "where periodic monitoring of tamper-proof labels is necessary, by reducing the need for physical inspections via automatic notifications. Full-time monitoring of network physical security benefits any environment where security measures are a priority."

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Oberon's enclosures provide physical security for wireless access points and other telecommunications equipment, and the PoE ILS provides an additional layer of security, Oberon says. It adds that its enclosures are designed for physical strength, integrating ABS plastics that are virtually invisible to radio-frequency signals. They feature locking doors and are attached directly to building structure for additional protection, the company notes.

The Model 1790 PoE ILS is designed to fit Oberon enclosures based on the back-box of its Model 1052 - one of its most-flexible designs that is available in a variety of styles featuring doors designed specifically for use with many of the most popular wireless access points available.

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