What's driving K-12 technology spending

Compass Intelligence examines how the combination of learning practices and technological development is enabling K-12 environments to break from tradition.

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In a blog post, Compass Intelligence's managing partner Stephanie Atkinson (follow her on Twitter) highlights and provides some insight into the trends that are driving technology investment in 2012. "Most of the activity is centered around mobility, accessibility and personalized education," she says in the post. Particularly in the 7-12 grades, she adds, "students expect to be able to access, learn, and communicate around the learning environment and want to use devices that they interact with on a daily basis." She also states that current technologies used in K-12 classrooms are enabling personalized education.

The graph at the bottom of this story is from Compass Intelligence and Stephanie Atkinson's blog post, which is entitled "Breaking Away from Tradition: In the K-12 Education Market."

In keeping with the post's "breaking from tradition" theme, Atkinson provides a number of current trends affecting the K-12 market, including the following.

  • Electronic distribution of many materials, in support of green-IT initiatives.
  • Server consolidation and virtualization, which are helping to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Increased use and adoption of application-based computer managed learning

The post includes more-in-depth discussion of these and other topics, and also references to Compass Intelligence resources that track and address the K-12 as well as higher-education markets.

You can read Stephanie Atkinson's full blog post here.

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