IEEE 802.3 forms study groups for 25, 50 and 100/200 Gbit/sec Ethernet

November 25, 2015

Approved during the latest IEEE 802.3 meeting, the groups will explore 25GbE over singl...

Report: Facebook is building a proprietary 100-Gigabit Ethernet switch

November 25, 2015 Jordan Novelt of VentureBeat (VB) reports that "Facebook is now working on a new super-...

IBM vs. Intel: Data center competition escalates

November 25, 2015 Nasdaq market analysis notes that IBM used to sell Intel-powered low to mid-range serve...
Latest digital KVM matrix switch from Black Box enables HD video, audio, USB sharing among 30 control-room users

Latest digital KVM matrix switch from Black Box enables HD video, audio, USB sharing among 30 control-room users

November 25, 2015

The DCX3000 enables easy resource control, content sharing and collaboration for critic...

Web seminar tackles several angles of cabling management

November 23, 2015

Starting with labeling, the online seminar then addresses such complex topics as fiber ...

TIA, Capitoline reach agreement for data center standards training

November 23, 2015

Starting in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Capitoline will takes its TIA-942 data ...

Modules house fiber-optic splitters, WDM components

November 23, 2015

Fiberdyne Labs’ LGX module is available with high-capacity LC/UPC or LC/APC adapters, a...

Preterminated cabling cassettes available with color-coded ports

November 20, 2015

HellermannTyton’s RapidNet UTP Category 6 and Category 6A preterminated cabling system ...

Work begins on TIA-942-B, the revision of the TIA-942-A data center standard

November 20, 2015

TIA-942-B, the next generation of the TIA-942 data center standard set, will keep pace ...

3 things Intel wants you to know about its data center business

November 20, 2015

The Motley Fool reports that during Intel's Nov. 19 investor meeting, the company's man...


Report: Samsung might sell off wireless networking gear

November 25, 2015 FierceWireless (FW) reports that Samsung Electronics is considering sell...
AFL receives 5 new patents for fiber-optic cable, fusion splicing technologies

AFL receives 5 new patents for fiber-optic cable, fusion splicing technologies

November 24, 2015

AFL has been awarded five patents for new technologies used in the enhancemen...

APOLAN adds 5 cabling contractor firms as new members

November 24, 2015

APOLAN has announced 5 new member companies who are all installation contract...

Stud strap eases metal-clad cable installation

November 24, 2015

AFC Cable Systems’ MC SnapIt stud strap includes clips for low-voltage cable;...

16-AWG cable in conduit with 2-hour fire resistivity

November 24, 2015

Comtran has added a 16-AWG shielded cable in conduit to its VITALink 2-hour f...

Strange job interview questions from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco

Strange job interview questions from Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco

November 23, 2015

Tools for cable installation jobs requiring horizontal directional drilling

November 23, 2015

Ditch Witch says new backreamers help underground construction operators impr...



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AFL Selects NextGen Marketing LLC for Texas Enterprise Market

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas and with operations in San Antonio and Houston

AFL Receives Four Patents for Inventions

Patents enhance AFL's optical connectivity, fusion splicing and fiber optic cable product lines

AFL Acquires AFC Group

AFC will join the AFL family expanding the company’s global offering of solutions to the telecomm...