High Speed Cabling


Category 8 cabling standard update: Milestones reached, work remains

September 15, 2014 A new document from CommScope reveals information about Cat 8 return loss performance, ...

Cabinet offers density, accessibility, and thermal efficiency

September 11, 2014 Siemon’s V800 offers 16U of additional mounting space and is available in multiple heig...

25GBase-T on Ethernet Alliance’s ‘rate debate’ agenda

September 10, 2014 The one-day Technology Exploration Forum will cover standard and technology development...

Universal boot enables faster fiber connections

September 9, 2014 Belden says its FiberExpress Brilliance Universal 250-micron connector boot allows dire...

28-AWG Category 6 patch cable is 0.145-inches in diameter

September 8, 2014 Comtran says its newest patch cable is nearly 50-percent smaller than standard Cat 6 op...

The flattening of data center networks

September 2, 2014 The ToR-EoR discussion is just one consideration in a changing landscape for the design...

Fusion-splicer systems include strippers, cleaning equipment, and cleavers

September 2, 2014 America Ilsintech’s All-In-One splicer solutions are used in commercial, government, FT...

Real-time network-infrastructure performance-monitoring platform

August 29, 2014 EXFO’s Xtract, which provides visibility into network infrastructure performance, is de...


The 9 most in-demand telecom engineering skills

The 9 most in-demand telecom engineering skills

October 1, 2014 The top 9 telecom engineering skills currently being sought by employers are listed, re...
Fluke Networks unveils cloud-based certification tool for fiber, copper cable

Fluke Networks introduces cloud-based cabling-test-result-management platform

October 1, 2014 LinkWare Live is a free service for users of the company’s Versiv portfolio of certific...
 APOLAN boosts membership, touts enterprise passive optical LAN at BICSI Fall 2014

APOLAN boosts membership, touts enterprise passive optical LAN at BICSI Fall 2014

October 1, 2014 Fiber-based passive optical LAN is the next generation of enterprise LAN infrastructure...
 TIA examines future of video, impact of open Internet rules

TIA examines future of video, impact of Open Internet rules

October 1, 2014 Sept. 30 roundtable event in Washington D.C. featured executives from Verizon, NAB, Pub...
 2.0 specs for 400G data center modules released

2.0 specs for 400G data center modules released

October 1, 2014

CDFP MSA releases v2.0 specifications for 400G modules.

AV alarms for mass notification and emergency communications systems

AV alarms for mass notification and emergency communications systems

September 30, 2014 Learn the basics of Audible Visible (AV) alarms for mass notification (MNS) and emergen...
 TE Connectivity talks public safety DAS

TE Connectivity talks public safety DAS

September 30, 2014 Dedicated DAS supports primary public safety and critical first responder frequencies i...
Transition Networks debuts USB fiber-optic Ethernet adapters at BICSI 2014

Transition Networks debuts USB fiber-optic Ethernet adapters at BICSI 2014

September 29, 2014 Transition Networks to participate in BICSI Fall Show with product introduction, speaki...


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Essential cabling skills for the coming zombie apocalypse

October 28, 2013 Humanity's imminent zombie nightmare will demand critical ITS deployment expertise.

Closet cleanup: Before and after photos

September 26, 2013 Technician Dan Page sent us these four photos illustrating the state of disarray of a m...

11 Steps to Holistic Data Center Design

August 15, 2013

Gone by in a whirlwind: 20 dangerous years in the cabling industry

May 24, 2013 Folks here in Nashua, NH, home of the head offices of PennWell Technology Group'sCablin...

Recognizing the industry's positive contributors

March 14, 2013 In commemoration of Cabling Installation & Maintenance's 20th anniversary, we asked...

More Tales of Cabling Spaghetti

November 28, 2012

10 tricks, treats and frights for the cabling industry in 2012

October 24, 2012


How a Passive Optical LAN can solve Tomorrow’s Connectivity Challenges

 In this session, Patrick McLaughlin, will moderate a discussion with Dave Cunningham, Director of Business Development, Optical LAN at Tellab...

40- and 100-Gbit/sec Networks and Cabling

The relentless increase in the amount of information being transferred and stored has prompted the development and use of extremely high-speed data...
September 25, 2014

Best Practices for Deploying Preterminated Fiber-Optic Systems

This webcast seminar, produced by Cabling Installation & Maintenance and delivered by Fiber Optic Association president Jim Hayes, describes th...
September 18, 2014


Connectivity in High-Speed Twisted-Pair Networks

For twisted-pair copper-based networks to fully support the throughput capacity demanded by today’s leading-edge applications, performance of the n...
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Laying the groundwork for a new level of Power over Ethernet

Enterprise networks continue to expand, growing more versatile and complex. Devices once considered peripherals—wireless access points (WAPs), secu...
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OTDR Event Analysis

Data center, enterprise, and FTTx fiber networks present a number of challenges when it comes to locating and measuring events and impairments. The...
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Advances in Multi-Fiber Connectivity

Today’s data centers are looking to deploy infrastructures that are ready to support 40- and 100-gigabit Ethernet (GbE) as well as flattened data c...
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The Optical Fiber Ribbon Solution for the 10G to 40G/100G Data Center Migration

As transmission speeds necessary to handle the growing daily network traffic of the data center increase, the migration from existing systems to 40...

Category 8 Cabling Standards Update

In order to be successful, 40G applications must have the proper cabling solutions to back them up and meet their bandwidth requirements. This reso...
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