BLOG: The top 10 smart buildings technology headlines

Oct. 19, 2021
CablingInstall's sister site Smart Buildings Technology examines where the industry has led its recent news coverage.

The editors of CablingInstall's sister site Smart Buildings Technology have turned in the following mini-blog with their seasonal Top 10 list of technology stories:

The leaves have turned color and are falling now in many parts of the U.S. and Autumn is well upon us in terms of the calendar year.

So now it's time we examine where the industry has led our coverage -- and your interest in it -- since the end of the long hot summer of 2021. Hot topics have included sensors, smart energy and Single Pair Ethernet technologies, slashing costs, and strategies for public health

To that end, we present the site's Top 10 Most-Read Smart Buildings Technology news stories since September 1: 

                      1.  Examining 5 smart buildings technology goals

                      2.  7 celebrated smart buildings

                      3.  What are the key IoT sensors for smart buildings?

                      4.  Climate change expected to impact smart building market

                      5.  Single Pair Ethernet will offer utility to automated buildings

                      6.  4 times smart buildings technology can cut costs

                      7.  Harvard study: Healthy buildings critical to public health strategy

                      8.  Kontrol responds to US, Canadian govt agency requests

                      9.  4 WiFi design considerations for smart building deployments

                      10.  Power over Ethernet plays a big role in smart energy management system for historic Toronto high rise

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