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Telecom Technician Climbing Ladder
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BLS Stats: Telecom Techs Make $60k Annually; Job Market Is Looking Up

Nov. 2, 2023
The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics’ first report on the telecom technician job category says $60k is the median income, while the top 10% earn more than...
Lv Combo Fiber Copper Underneath

Siemon Introduces New LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels

Sept. 1, 2023
Siemon's LightVerse Copper/Fiber Combo Patch Panels are an innovative way of managing fiber and copper connections while saving space.
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BICSI trivia: Take our quiz

Aug. 25, 2023
How much do you know about the ICT industry’s premier education and standards organization?
PulR Technologies
Pul R Ready To Pull
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Fiber-cable installation tool allows 15 pounds of pushing force

Aug. 18, 2023
PulR’s ReadyToPull SC 3mm Kit fits through holes as small as 3/8-inch and around 90-degree turns.
Leviton One Reach
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PoE extender system now provides higher power, more capacity, greater surge protection

Aug. 17, 2023
Leviton enhanced its OneReach system by adding 2- and 4-port remote PoE devices, a 2U power injector chassis, and a 1-slot power supply module.
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Train Trenching Duct
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Watch cable installers use a train to place duct underground

Aug. 8, 2023
Video shows crew hopping on and off the train as it slowly digs a trench and lays duct.