Don't look back in anger: Cabling photos

May 31, 2022
Step inside the 'ICT' of your mind...
"Take me to the place where you go, where nobody knows if it's night or day..."    Oasis, 'Don't Look Back In Anger'

If you're an information and communications technology (ICT) technician working in the field, the 90s band Oasis could have been singing about your job in all of the rack rooms, server closets, data center aisles, or maybe inside a drop ceiling, or up in a convention center's rafters. Some of you have no doubt worked on more than a few overnight builds; possibly that's all you do.

Wherever you work, drop us a line and a photo telling us about your latest ICT cabling job site adventures. Send your photos and explanations to [email protected] to see your work featured (credited or anonymously) in an upcoming article on this site. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of recently posted cable fail photos from the techs of social media's Reddit:

ICT and IT techs can't anger that easily. Working in this field, they'd be angry all the time.

Extra points when Velcro is actually an accomplice to cable fail - of the OSP fiber variety no less.

Any PoE involved? If so, almost seems like a case that could fall under review by the local IBEW Broadcast chapter. (Because you know that IBEW members do literally "power Hollywood"...)

Back to the first point: No one working on the clock in the cabling clean-up trade could really be too mad. Now if you're the facility manager, on the other hand...

Safety first. Minor quibble, Cat 5 or Cat 3 would actually suffice. 

Bad, Sparky! Bad!

"Patchy clouds" perhaps? With a chance of clearing?

That's the attitude. Nice work.

"I'll take 'Cable Spaghetti' for $3000, Alex..."

Now that is some tasty cable gore. Nice clean-up shot. Love to see the tower infrastructure photos. (Ed. Note: This was not a case where nobody knew 'if it was night or day.')

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