Top 12 structured cabling wins: Cabling photos

Dec. 9, 2022
The top structured cabling and ICT connectivity success stories as recently seen pictured on social media's Reddit.

Here, in no particular order, we bring you the top 12 structured cabling and connectivity success stories as recently seen on social media's Reddit, in the site's sub-group for gathering photos submitted from technicians working across a wide swath of the information and communications technology (ICT) sphere.

1.)  Humility is good - but a win is a win.

2.)  Getting right to the details. Nice show.

3.)  Ah, "the river," a metaphor few can argue against. As explained by the OP [original poster] here, r/WindupSolutions:

This is what my friend who did the install said about the work: "We have pulled in 6 x 3500 core external fibre cables to link the buildings. All those yellow fibre cables are 144 core."

4.)  From "the river," to "the waterfall."

5.)  Good piece of work here, indeed. Observant comments unfurl too regarding cable tie technique and a sneaky lime green cable.

6.)  Looks can be deceiving, as duly noted by the OP who found this "fool's gold" industrial enclosure. It turns out -- for several good reasons -- those cables can't be bundled there on the hinge side...

7.)  A good bit of Velcro bundle wrap work. Lots of shop talk surrounding these photos as well.

8.)  Yes, it does. As explained by the OP, r/GmanDoesGaming:

It's regular 4 pair cat 5e.

9.)  Nice before-and-after framing.

10.)  Ditto.

11.)  Ditto x2

12.)  Bread, meet butter!

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