7 notable server rack cabling triumphs

Jan. 13, 2023
Our regular roundup of clean and organized racks that were always thus and "nightmare racks" that became so, as seen on social media.

In its regularly refreshed photo subgroups for members of the ICT and IT professional trades, social media's Reddit is where you'll find pictures of the latest cabling successes including: brand new racks stuffed full of low profile Cat 6 cabling; a nifty rack cable cleanup "before and after" some switch relocation; some rack hugging Velcro-bundled trunks flowing upward to make you smile; clean and organized racks that were always thus and a "nightmare rack" that became so; a well-handled IDF cleanup; and one incredibly detailed look at some hospital-to-closet work chronicling the transition from "cable gore" to cable well-being.

With no further preamble, we give you this week's top 7 notable server rack cabling triumphs:








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