Workplace cabling views: Must-see photos

Our periodic round-up of the most curious ICT structured cabling site work photos.

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Welcome to our periodic round-up of the most curious ICT structured cabling site work photos, as viewed on social media at Reddit's photo sub-communities for 'Cablefail' and 'Cableporn.'

Wkpl1Reddit"The patch panel at my work place." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: Nordikk

Wkpl2Reddit"Spaghetti. My photo from 2000 when I used to be a field tech. Those are Nortel switches on the right and the cables have a color scheme, yellow is student network, blue is admin/professors. The little orange cables are 100mb fiber." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: Janetic_Bytewave

Wkpl3Reddit"This wiring job at my work." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: ChroniicHD

Wkpl4Reddit"Cables from 4th, through 3rd, to 2nd floor. Pharma industry. We work in a sterile environment in the 2nd floor. Cables are literally not allowed to be there. Plus, the electric field they could possibly create could disrupt the sensitive equipment we have. So they're all coming from the ceiling directly above into the production machines. 3rd and 4th floors aren't separated by concrete, but by metal walkways and scaffoldings. Its visible here on the picture." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: JustKeepItQiet

Wkpl5Reddit"A little analog for you. I can’t take credit for this. This was at my last gig, and my co-worker was showing me what all was in a 5ESS room. The cable management OCD in me found appreciation for the wrap." -- Reddit/Cablefail OP [orig. poster]: Chewy_13

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