No-brain cable fails: Photos

Our periodic round-up of the most mind-numbing ICT cabling job site fails, as seen in photos at social media's Reddit.

Brain Vs Rao

It's time again for our periodic round-up of the most mind-numbing photos of ICT cabling jobsite fails, as seen on social media at Reddit's sub-community devoted to documenting the myriad forms of 'Cablefail'. Sometimes all the cable fail just makes your head hurt...

Brain1Reddit/Cablefail"And yet they still ask me how our cables keep getting damaged." -- Reddit/Cablefail: u/adamsflys

Brain2Reddit/Cablefail"Maximum effort by Telco Tech." -- Reddit/Cablefail: u/zeros200836

Brain3Reddit/Cablefail"I want to use the existing wiring." -- Reddit/Cablefail: u/bigjuanjon

Brain4Reddit/Cablefail"The comms room time forgot."-- Reddit/Cablefail: u/happydundee

Brain5Reddit/Cablefail"Nope, nope and nope!"-- Reddit/Cablefail: u/Ev1lyv35

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