Formable coax cables employ tin-filled copper braid shield

June 9, 2020
L-com launches new 0.085 in. and 0.141 in. formable coax cables for use in telecom, military/defense, and laboratory test and measurement applications.
Lcom Formable

Wired and wireless connectivity products manufacturer L-com, an Infinite Electronics brand, has launched a new series of formable coaxial cable assemblies that are designed for use in telecom, military/defense, and laboratory test and measurement applications.

Per the manufacturer: "Formable cable (also known as conformable cable) is a flexible, re-formable alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cable that can be used where flexibility is required. These cables feature a tin-filled copper braid shield and perform like semi-rigid coax but can be hand-formed, making it easy for field personnel and engineers to shape the cables to fit just about any physical space."

Four new cable series are now available including: .085" O.D. cables without jackets; .085" O.D. cables with jackets; .141" O.D. cables without jackets; and .141" O.D. cables with jackets.

The jacketed versions of these formable cables are intended for use in applications where the cable's outer conductor could possibly cause a short inside of an enclosure.

All cables within the four new cable series feature various combinations of male and female BNC, Type-N, SMA and TNC coaxial connectors including right-angle and bulkhead mount options.

"These new formable cables are perfect for a variety of test, R&D and production applications including use in layout and design of pre-bent semi-rigid assemblies," said Steve Ellis, product line manager for L-com. "By offering these new assemblies off-the-shelf, we can meet our customer's urgent needs for high performance, formable coax cables."

L-com's new formable coax cable assemblies are in stock and available for immediate shipment. For more information, visit

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