Israel's Partner Communications selects OFS InvisiLight Drop system for FTTH

Oct. 7, 2020
The InvisiLight Drop system features the company's outdoor-rated EZ-Bend cable.

Israeli communications provider Partner Communications (NASDAQ: PTNR) has selected the OFS InvisiLight Drop Solution for use in its FTTH network.

The InvisiLight Drop system features the outdoor-rated OFS EZ-Bend cable, which transforms to a 900 µm cord inside a living unit. The system is optimized for the aggressive bends required in multiple dwelling unit (MDU) and in-home applications.

The 900 µm cord enables fast, reliable, and virtually invisible fiber installation within a customer's living unit. It incorporates the OFS EZ-Bend fiber, which the company notes offers bend performance better than ITU Recommendation G.657.B3. 

Yonathan Sudmi, director of the Fiber Infrastructure Division for Partner Communications, commented, "The use of the InvisiLight Drop Solution for our FTTH deployment enables Partner to provide service to our customers in a truly differentiated manner. The finished product is clean and our customers are very pleased with both the look and the service. The use of EZ-Bend fiber gives us confidence that the network will be viable for decades to come, ensuring support for future technologies."

OFS adds that its EZ-Bend fiber "offers low bend-related loss throughout the wavelength ranges expected for future electronics upgrade cycles for long-term network reliability and upgradeability."

"We're pleased to partner with Partner to help them provide a truly world-class customer fiber deployment experience," said Mark Graveston, director of sales and marketing, EMEA Cable and Fiber, for OFS. "We welcome Partner and their customers to the list of millions of satisfied EZ-Bend and InvisiLight fiber end-users worldwide."

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