Molex acquires Fiberguide Industries

March 18, 2021
Fiberguide will join Molex's Polymicro business. Molex says the move will allow it to provide elevated customer support for medical, industrial and datacom applications.

Molex recently announced its acquisition of Fiberguide Industries, a manufacturer of customized optical fiber solutions based in Caldwell, Idaho.

In December 2020, it was announced that Fiberguide will join Molex's Polymicro business, a Phoenix, AZ-based provider of specialty optical fiber and fluidic-based products tailored for medical, industrial and datacom applications.

As a global specialist in optical fiber arrays and cable assemblies, Fiberguide is uniquely positioned to help Molex address the stringent needs of medical applications, including high-power laser surgery, DNA sequencing and flow cytometry. Both Molex and Fiberguide bring extensive expertise in optical fibers, analytical probes and fully packaged assemblies to support increasing demands for minimally invasive medical procedures.

Additionally, a complementary portfolio of design capabilities from Fiberguide provides customer-centric solutions for industrial monitoring and sensing, as well as datacom applications that require reliable performance in extremely harsh environments.

"Fiberguide contributes more than 40 years of technological innovation to Molex," said Devinder Saini, Ph.D., VP of Technology for Fiberguide. "We share similar cultures and are united in our focus to deliver the most powerful, vertically integrated fiber solutions available."

In addition to taking full advantage of Fiberguide's enhanced design prowess, intelligent digital supply chain and global manufacturing footprint, Molex said it will develop centers of optical fiber excellence in Phoenix and Caldwell to support new business opportunities from concept to production. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Polymicro was acquired by Molex in 2007. Today, Molex designs, develops and delivers Polymicro specialty optical fiber products and solutions for the medical, industrial and datacom industries.

"Today, Molex is setting a new standard of excellence in the industry while fulfilling our vision of becoming the leading provider of specialty optical fiber products," commented Jim Clarkin, GM of Polymicro. "Our combined capabilities give global customers a full array of products and complete solutions to meet emerging requirements for innovative laser-based optical systems."

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