Belden aims Q2 cable, connectivity, networking releases at LANs, industrial sites

June 1, 2021
Aimed at transforming LANs and industrial sites, Belden's cable, connectivity, networking and software releases in Q2 2021 include new products and expansions to existing product lines.
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Belden (NYSE: BDC), a global supplier of specialty networking products, announced that  it continues to offer its customers more options to manage high density, reduce installation times, and safely transmit data and power.

The manufacturer's cable, connectivity, networking and software releases in Q2 2021 include new products and expansions to existing product lines.

For cable products, Belden's Q2 2021 product launches include the following:

  • The DataTuff Cat 6 Armored Industrial Ethernet Cables are intended for use in rugged industries, such as oil and gas, mining and traffic control systems.
  • The DataTuff Fiber Optic Factory Cables—rated for indoor and outdoor applications—are intended for use in material handling, food processing and other industrial applications where lubricating, hydraulic or cutting fluids may be present.
  • The DataTuff Fiber Optic Tray Cables—an expansion of Belden’s multi-loose tube product line—are rated for indoor or outdoor use and can be placed inside or outside of cable trays.
  • The Indoor/Outdoor CMP Category 6A Plenum Cables—an expansion of Belden’s OSP cable line—can support 60W PoE++, are UV resistant and provide protection against water ingress in various environments.
  • The RailTuff Fiber Optic Cables are specifically designed for enhanced safety and fire protection for railside or roadway tunnel station and signaling operations.

For connectivity products, Belden's Q2 2021 product launches include:

  • The LioN-X IO-Link Masters from Lumberg Automation provide a powerful, faster, more reliable and secure approach to collecting, converting and transmitting sensor and actuator data in automated production environments.
  • The ECX Pre-Terminated Cassettes—an expansion of Belden’s FX ECX line—are designed to fit in FX ECX Housings. They are available in 6-port and 12-port cassettes for OM3, OM4, OS2 or OS2/APC.
  • New DIN-Rail Mounting Fixtures hold Belden's Industrial REVConnect jacks into the DIN-Rail, provide a method to ground the metal jack and protect against noise.

For networking and software products, Belden's Q2 2021 product launches include:

  • The BAT867-F, part of the Hirschmann BAT WLAN family, provides reliable wireless connectivity in tough outdoor environments. Designed with an IP65 waterproof housing and industrial-grade IEEE 802.11ac chipset, it delivers on throughput, rapid roaming and security needs.
  • The BOBCAT Switches from Hirschmann are now available with new full copper port options! With up to 24 copper ports and speeds up to 1 Gb/s, the BOBCAT copper variant is an intended, cost-effective solution, especially for discrete automation applications with short cable runs.
  • New Building Automation Switches from Belden fit directly into the electrical distribution board and offer a reliable, cost-effective solution to meet specific electrical installation requirements for commercial and non-residential smart buildings.
  • The DRAGON MACH4x00 backbone switch portfolio from Hirschmann offers an innovative, technically advanced architecture that delivers superior bandwidth to connect OT and IT networks serving several industrial applications.

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