OFS improves Rollable Ribbon fiber-optic microcables for metro networks

Sept. 7, 2021
The new RollR200 Central Core (CC) Rollable Ribbon Microcable from OFS features increased fiber density and improved cable coiling capability.
Ofs Rr

At ISE EXPO 2021 (Aug. 3- Sep. 2), OFS announced an expansion of its microcable product line with the introduction of its RollR200 Central Core (CC) Rollable Ribbon Microcable.

Per the manufacturer:

The RollR200 CC Rollable Ribbon Microcable features 432 optical fibers in a gel-free central core design optimized for microduct installations. This latest-generation cabling solution can help take metro networks to the next level with increased fiber density, enhanced performance, and speed of deployment.

The RollR200 CC Microcable capitalizes on OFS' advancement in Rollable Ribbon (RR) technology, the company contends.

As explained by OFS, to form the ribbon cables, individual 200 micron fibers are partially bonded to each other at predetermined points which enables the benefit of mass fusion splicing capabilities in a significantly smaller cable diameter to maximize fiber density in congested networks. Mass fusion splicing capability helps to simplify installation and save on splicing time and labor costs.

The manufacturer notes the cable's design features a central core tube construction with helical strength elements for improved handling and installation capabilities.

Specifically designed for air-blown installation using microduct systems, the rifled outer jacket reduces cable friction during installation to increase installation lengths. In addition, OFS notes that the RollR200 CC Microcable's greater fiber density can help to expand the capacity of existing pathways using smaller, lower-cost duct systems.

"The RollR200 CC Microcable allows our customers to install twice the fiber density of previous microcable offerings into common 13mm ID microducts with a 432f count construction as small as 10mm in diameter," said Brian Maxwell, Cable Product Line Manager for OFS.

Maxwell added, "This gain in density allows providers to maximize the use of their network duct systems and infrastructure, helping them save on both material and installation costs and conserve duct space for future upgrades or lease."

The company notes the RollR200 Microcable's Rollable Ribbons may be 'rolled,' compacted and routed like individual fibers to facilitate use in potentially smaller closures and splice trays. OFS adds that the cable's completely gel-free water-blocking design also helps to reduce the time required to prepare cable ends which can also help with reduced labor and splicing costs.

The RollR200 Central Core Microcable is initially available with 432 fibers and features OFS' bend-optimized AllWave FLEX fiber. Learn more at www.ofsoptics.com.

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