576-fiber microduct cable with 8.2-mm diameter

Dec. 20, 2021
Prysmian’s Sirocco Extreme product line now includes the 576-fiber cable, with 180-micron fibers, designed to be installed in a 10-mm duct.

Prysmian recently expanded its Sirocco Extreme line of microduct cables by adding a 576-fiber cable that has a diameter of 8.2 millimeters. That is a fiber density of 10.9 fibers per square millimeter. Prysmian said the cable is designed to fit into a 10-mm duct.

“Sirocco Extreme microduct cables utilize Prysmian’s BendBright 180-micron singlemode [ITU-T G.657.D, G.657.A2] bend-insensitive fiber fully compatible for splicing with any standard fiber, offering a truly futureproof solution that is prepared for evolved systems,” Prysmian said when announcing the new cable.

“Bend-insensitive fiber-optic cables are a crucial part of the world’s shift toward flexible and reliable connectivity,” said Ian Griffiths, director of research and development for Prysmian Group’s telecom business. “With their extreme fiber count and reduced diameter, Sirocco Extreme microduct cables make installations faster and more cost-effective. Designed for installation into microducts, they are ideally suited for blowing in high-density access, FTTx, and 5G networks.”

Available in fiber counts from 192 to 576 and conforming to international standards for optical and mechanical performance, the Sirocco Extreme cables benefit from the use of the company’s PicoTube technology. Prysmian explained this technology makes the cables up to 15% smaller than Sirocco HD microduct cables. “As a result, it is possible to install more fibers into a congested duct space and smaller ducts can be used for newer installations, reducing installation costs and using fewer raw materials,” Prysmian said. “This provides further benefits of a decreased total network deployment and smaller environmental footprint.”

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