AFL brings Fujikura 41S+ fusion splicer to North America

Jan. 12, 2022
The 41S+ is a fully ruggedized, two camera, active cladding alignment fusion splicer featuring Fujikura's Active Fusion Control (AFC) technology.

International manufacturer of fiber-optic cable and equipment AFL(Spartanburg, SC) this week announced it is launching the Fujikura 41S+ fusion splicer in North America.

Per the manufacturer, the 41S+ is a fully ruggedized, two camera, active cladding alignment fusion splicer featuring Active Fusion Control (AFC) technology. This technology reduces reburns and improves splice losses for fibers with poor cleave angles.

“Keeping equipment in the field clean and in pristine operating condition at all times is a challenging task. Active Fusion Control helps alleviate this pain point by improving splice loss for even poorly prepared fibers,” explains Lucas Mays, Associate Product Manager for AFL’s Fusion Splicing Systems.

Mays continues, “High cleave angles are typically a major thorn in a technician’s side, especially for newer users still adjusting to the nuances of fusion splicing. They can come from several factors but namely, a dull or dirty cleaver. Active Fusion Control reduces splice loss to industry acceptable standards even with non-ideal prepped fiber, giving operators greater confidence in the splices they install.”

Expanded features

Enabled by proprietary Warm Splice Imaging (WSI) technology, the 41S+ can also determine the alignment of the fiber cores by observing the splice during the heating process, delivering splice loss estimates with a greater level of accuracy than those based on cladding only alignment.

Additionally, by using Active Blade Management (ABM) via Bluetooth with the CT50 Fiber Cleaver, blade rotation usage is tracked and rotated as needed. Using ABM and AFC together reduces the likelihood of poor splice installations or repairs.

Per AFL, additional features of the Fujikura 41S+ include:

  • 6-second splice time and 25-second shrink time for speed and productivity.
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen monitor for simple and intuitive menu navigation.
  • Interchangeable sheath clamps or fiber holders for versatility and compatibility with splice-on connectors.
  • Extended-life battery for up to 200 splice and heat cycles.
  • Long-life electrodes that provide 5,000 splices to minimize downtime.

Software updates for the new splicer can be completed via AFL’s website and allow users easy access for updating software as new splice programs become available.

AFL operates the only authorized repair facility for Fujikura splicing products in the U.S. Technical support is available 24/7 and complimentary on-site training is available with every splicer purchased, states the company. Visit

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