Ohio's Butler Rural Electric Cooperative adds 5K more fiber nodes via altafiber

May 16, 2022
Butler Rural Electric Cooperative and altafiber have already brought fiber internet to approximately 2,000 member locations, plus the cooperative’s substations and switching equipment. Now, 5,000 more fiber broadband addresses are poised to go online.

altafiber this month announced an expanded partnership with Ohio's Butler Rural Electric Cooperative that will bring gigabit high-speed broadband fiber internet access to an additional 5,000 rural addresses in the state's Butler, Preble, and Montgomery Counties beginning in the first half of 2023.

The electric co-op and altafiber partnered in 2020 to bring fiber-based internet service to approximately 2,000 member locations, along with the cooperative’s substations and switching equipment. That project was completed in 2021. The expanded partnership now announced extends altafiber’s network to the remaining 2,800 Butler Rural Electric Cooperative member addresses. In addition, altafiber will also build fiber to 2,200 addresses in these counties that are not part of the Butler Rural Electric Cooperative.

Cincinnati Bell has lately been doing business as “altafiber” in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The company has grown to become one of top suppliers of fiber-based services in the greater Cincinnati area, and has invested more than $1 billion into expanding its fiber network across the region.

“This initiative has been a huge success,” commented Tom Wolfenbarger, general manager of Butler Rural Electric Cooperative. "The cooperative has greater operational flexibility to improve reliability, and we have received tremendously positive feedback from members whose children are now able to access and do their assignments from home. Broadband internet plays a critical role in driving economic development opportunities, creating digital equity, and supporting the public sector’s commitment to more efficient government. We also understand that there is more work to do, and we are so pleased that our partnership with altafiber is going to continue and bring connectivity to all of our customers.”

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative located in Oxford, Ohio. The cooperative serves members in portions of Butler County, Hamilton County, Preble County, and Montgomery County.

“High-speed Internet is essential for individuals and families to access educational, healthcare, and employment opportunities,” pointed out Jason Praeter, president and general manager of altafiber’s Network Division. "It is also a key part of economic development efforts to retain and attract companies. We are thrilled to build on this innovative partnership with Butler Rural Electric Cooperative and deliver access to reliable connectivity to all of its customers, as well as additional addresses in Butler County, Preble County and Montgomery County.” 

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