Preterminated fiber-optic cable can be pulled or pushed through walls, conduit, duct

Aug. 25, 2023
LYNN’s Pushable/Pullable Bullet Fiber is available in lengths from 10 to 300 feet.
Lynn Pushable Pullable Bullet Fiber

LYNN’s Pushable/Pullable Bullet Fiber will debut at CEDIA Expo September 7. LYNN says the preterminated fiber-optic cable “is ideal for wiring telecom connections and demarcation locations in residential, commercial, and industrial applications.”

“LYNN Bullet Fiber tackles tough cable paths through walls, conduit, and duct with ease by delivering a rigid, preterminated, and reliable cable,” said Charles Hoskins, vice president of product development for LYNN. “With numerous available lengths, there is no more cable kinking or worry of damaging cables when pushing or pulling through desired pathways.”

The company pointed out the following additional characteristics of Bullet Fiber.

  • Removable protective cap protects the preterminated fiber strand and helps guide the cable through tight paths
  • SC-APC connector housing snaps onto the fiber strand after the cable has been pulled
  • Steel micro-armored internal construction protects the cable during pulls and after installation
  • Preterminated lengths are available from 10 to 300 feet with custom lengths available by request

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