Asus’ Cable-Free Future

Sept. 14, 2023
Asus gets ready to release its first cable-less GPU.

Technology news outlet ExtremeTech reported recently on Asus's efforts to eliminate cables from some of its gear. According to a September 13th story by ExtremeTech’s Josh Norem, Asus will soon introduce cable-free graphics processing unit (GPU), cases, and motherboards as part of its program Back to (the) Future (BTF).

Asus has partnered up with Thermaltake and Silverstone hoping to bring a cable-free future to the industry. Asus will be selling its first BTF cable-less GPU soon, the RTX 4070, on September 15th. However, it will only be available in China.

Norem notes that instead of moving the connectors, the company completely removed them. He goes on to state, “Instead, the GPU draws power from a new connector on the motherboard called HPCE. This new connector attaches to a secondary PCIe connector on the GPU and can utilize up to 600W, with enough headroom to pull down 900W in the future.”

Initially, Asus will be selling the GPU without a motherboard for it, though the B760M BTF board will be released afterwards. To operate the GPU will require the motherboard, so both must be purchased. The company has launched a cable-free motherboard in the past, and Silverstone is making an “Asus case” that will be compatible with it.

There is more to be revealed as to Thermaltake’s contribution and in terms of other available motherboard choices as there is only the micro-ATX B760M as of now. However, for people who want to build their own computer systems this partnership may prove to be fruitful for Asus’ plans for a cable-free future.

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