Clearfield Launches FieldShield® Blowable MPO Fibre Assemblies

Oct. 7, 2023
These industry-first cables can help operators needing to deploy fiber faster and further

Clearfield recently released its FieldShield blowable MPO fiber assemblies, the fiber industry’s first pushable/blowable 12-fiber MPO pre-connectorized cable which can blow fiber over 1.5 km. The cables were made in part with Clearfield’s subsidiary Nestor Cables, Ltd, which was acquired in July 2022 as part of the company's strategy to vertically combine integral aspects of its supply chain.

These fiber assemblies support any access deployment model and allow for quicker network deployment, securing network quality, faster speed to revenue, and faster network and service restoration. The product’s ability to work at 1.5 km, exceeding the industry standard distance, can help with connecting remote locations, support 5G services, and as part of the middle mile deployments.

Kevin Morgan, Chief Marketing Officer of Clearfield commented on the assemblies stating, “A key challenge operators face as it looks to expand its fibre footprint is how to reach more customers, faster and at a lower operational expense. The FieldShield Blowable MPO Fibre Assemblies addresses all three of these challenges directly.”

Currently, the FieldShield blowable MPO fiber assemblies are available in the European market but will be available in other regions in the future.

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