HFCL Releases a Suite of Connectivity Products and Solutions

Nov. 10, 2023
A high-fiber count Intermittently Bonded Ribbon is one of the standouts of this new lineup.

HFCL’s Suite

HFCL has recently released a suite of next-generation connectivity products and solutions to be purchased internationally. These include 5G FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) CPE (Customer Premise Equipment), IP MPLS Routers, 2 Gbps UBR (Unlicensed Band Radio) and 1728-high fiber count IBR (Intermittently Bonded Ribbon) Optical Fiber Cable.

The company’s new fiber cable

Among these, HFCL has launched its 1728-high-fibre count Intermittently Bonded Ribbon (IBR) Optical Fiber Cable that will allow for telcos and enterprises to hasten the installation of 5G network infrastructure, grow FTTH capabilities, and address the increasing demand for high-capacity networks especially from hyper scale data centers.

The gel-free IBR optical fiber cable is also optimized with high productivity mass fusion splicing for cost efficient deployment, simple installation in packed areas, and quick restoration in case of any accidental outage. The cables are environmentally friendly which will reduce plastic use per unit of fiber which in turn lowers the carbon footprint and any expenses related to network maintenance and upgrades.

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