R&M Offers Learning Resources on Power Over Ethernet

Nov. 20, 2023
R&M addresses issues companies have with their PoEs.

Companies’ problems with PoEs

R&M gives information about risks for signal transmission in local area networks that tend to be overlooked and discusses copper contact technology regarding Power over Ethernet (PoE). Effects of electrical resistance are a commonly unrecognized vulnerability in local area networks (LANs). This is what’s known as resistance unbalance in copper cabling.

When companies don’t test their LAN cabling or use former or inexpensive patch panels with new PoE applications, problems tend to occur.

R&M’s learning resources

R&M provides this information through a video, a free white paper, and in the specialist magazine CONNECTIONS 65. The company also provides its solutions to some of these PoE problems in its resources.

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