Klein Tools Launches New Multi-Tester

Dec. 4, 2023
Klein Tool’s Digital Multi-Tester DMM with Receptacle Tester could be a useful tool for professionals on their jobsites.

Klein Tool’s Latest Device

The Digital Multi-Tester DMM with Receptacle Tester by Klein Tools combines key electrical products into one model. Workers in the industry could greatly benefit from versatile tools that can meet a “variety of needs on the jobsite”. Amy Hart, senior product manager at Klein Tools, states that the Digital Multi-Tester is the “first-of-its-kind tool that combines multiple core electrical products into one convenient tool”.

Features of the Digital Multi-Tester DMM with Receptacle Tester

The tool is auto-ranging and measures AC/DC voltage resistance, audible continuity, and the performance of 9V and 1.5V batteries through testing. The Digital Multi-Tester finds and identifies typical wiring faults in GFCI electrical outlets and inspects GFCI devices which includes time to trip the device.

Featuring a FIND mode, the device indicates which breaker corresponds to which receptacle. The receptacle test is made for use with North American 120V AC 3-wire electrical outlets.

Some other features of the Digital Multi-Tester are its backlight display, data hold, default to auto-range with an option to change it to manual-range. The tool was made to be durable and reliable in the most demanding work environments and can even withstand a 6.6-Foot (2m) drop.

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