The Crucial Submarine Optical Fiber Market

Dec. 21, 2023
Various factors come into play when it comes to the growth and potential challenges of the submarine optical fiber industry.

What submarine optical fiber cables are

Submarine optical fiber cables may not be the first type of fiber cable to come to mind regarding telecommunications, however they play an imperative role in the industry. These cables are placed on the seabed to connect continents to one and other. This allows for high-speed data transmission, internet connectivity, international phone calls, and data exchange for many companies across a range of industries. “They contribute significantly to global commerce, research collaboration, and emergency communication.”

The market

Per a Persistence Market Research analysis, there has been notable growth within the submarine optical fiber cable market “due to increasing demand for high-capacity and low-latency communication”. Investments in the market have grown in order to meet the demands of increased internet usage, cloud computing, and steady regional connectivity. The worldwide market for submarine optical fiber cables is expected to reach $67.8 billion in 2033. It is anticipated to show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 12.6% between 2023 and 2033.

Market challenges include a tremendous amount of capital needed for system development and maintenance, the possibility of the cables getting damaged underwater from anchors, natural disasters, etc, and environmental concerns such as the disruption of marine life when cables are being installed.

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