Sticklers’ Latest Fiber Cleaning Tech

Feb. 2, 2024
Sticklers' Pro360 Touchless Cleaner will prove to be effective and efficient for technicians.

Sticklers recently showcased its Pro360 Touchless Cleaner at the BICSI 2024 Winter Conference and Exhibition. The tool removes contaminants with high-purity cleaning fluid and a pressurized air stream, which makes the fiber optic end face clean and dry in 3.5 seconds. By making this process hands-free, the tool cleans fiber surfaces removing moisture, dust, fingerprint oils, and static.

“The automated cleaning process guarantees consistent, repeatable results, providing technicians with a reliable solution to clean fiber optic connections in FTTH, FTTA, and data center applications to optimize network performance.”

Rick Hoffman, Sticklers™ Commercial Sales Manager, commented on the solution stating, “By providing fast, no-contact cleaning, technicians can now clean hundreds of fiber connectors per hour with ease. This innovative tool allows them to maximize efficiency while minimizing network issues caused by contaminants and static. With transportability, consistency, and effectiveness, the Pro360°™ Touchless Cleaner will be a game-changer for telecom contractors, enterprise IT teams, and service providers looking to future-proof their fiber optic networks."

The Pro360 Touchless Cleaner is transportable and uses two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, enhancing portability for on-site applications. The cleaner comes with adapter tips for 1.25mm and 2.5mm connectors, and in the near future, the tool will be even more versatile with the release of adapters for 1.6mm military connectors, 2.0mm broadband connectors, and MPO/MTP connectors in various fiber counts, along with high-density (SN, CS, MDC, MMC-VSFF) connectors.

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