DZS Partners With Andorix to Modernize the Infrastructure and Commercial Management of Historical Landmarks

Feb. 8, 2024
DZS and Andorix are transforming landmark buildings by switching legacy infrastructure for more modern technology.

Transforming landmarks into smart buildings

DZS recently announced a partnership with Andorix to transform landmark areas into fiber-based smart buildings made for the modern digital workforce. DZS FiberLAN provides passive optical network (PON) infrastructure, which, combined with Adorix’s Managed PON service offering, renews the legacy, copper-based communications infrastructure of historical buildings into smart, hyper-connected buildings. 

Upgrading these landmarks aids in the seamless integration and management of critical base-building services including video surveillance, HVAC, access control, WiFi, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors/devices, and more systems within smart buildings. By transforming these buildings into smart buildings, commercial property owners can change the economics of these buildings, leading to major CAPEX and OPEX savings while simultaneously making them more attractive to current and prospective tenants.

Gunter Reiss, Chief Customer Officer of AEMEA for DZS, stated, “Historical landmarks are the architectural gems of North America’s big cities, but often go underutilized by marquee clients due to their high cost of operation and legacy communications network infrastructure. Andorix’s Managed PON platform, powered by our proven DZS FiberLAN solutions, transforms the communications networks of these buildings, delivering state-of-the-art hyper-connectivity, a dramatically improved user experience, and significant operational and capital cost savings for commercial property owners.”

Features of DZS and Andorix’s technology 

DZS’ FiberLAN plug-and-play solutions portfolio merges DZS Velocity optical line terminal (OLT) systems and DZS Helix optical network terminals (ONTs), gateways and access points with a broad swath of business-focused complementary solution components that can be customized for many in-building deployment scenarios. When compared to legacy copper infrastructure, DZS FiberLAN solutions are “significantly more cost-effective, higher capacity, have a longer lifecycle, and more reliable, compact, adaptable, secure and environmentally friendly”.

Andorix’s Managed PON platform utilizes PON technologies, including symmetrical 10 gigabit per second XGS-PON, while designing, deploying, and providing ongoing management services for Operational Technology (OT) for its clients’ in-building network systems. In an OT environment, all the major building systems such as building automation, lighting control, HVAC, etc. use the PON building network to communicate with the endpoint devices in a scalable, optimized, secure, and cost-efficient way.

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