Bulgin Launches Expanded Beam Fiber Optic Connector

Feb. 28, 2024
Bulgin’s 5000 Series Expanded Beam Connector and cable management system provide a low-cost option, opening the doors for various industries and applications.

Bulgin has just released a new expanded beam fiber optic connector and cable management system. The connector and management system are the result of a two-year-long project to make a low-cost, sustainable expanded beam product that can be used for a bevy of industries and is part of the 5000 Series Expanded Beam Connector.

Expanded beam fiber optic connectors require accurate alignment of ferrules, and Bulgin’s latest innovation has a ferrule-lens alignment technology along with a cable management system to minimize twisting of optical fibers. This allows for quick termination and repair of cables in the field which makes the 5000 Series Expanded Beam Connector equipped to deal with harsh environments, such as military communications, mining, broadcasting, and more. Places like concert venues and sports stadiums would find the technology especially due to its aid with temporary fiber optic set-ups that require quick assembly and dismantling.

Thisen Bird, Associate Product Manager at Bulgin, stated, “We have successfully developed a redeployable synthetic polymer connector system that offers the same robust level of performance as traditional military standard connectors, but at a lower cost.”

Jose Latre, Lead Development Engineer at Bulgin, commented on the technology saying, “…It opens up the use of expanded beam technology to applications where the price of previous products may have been prohibitive, without compromising on the high level of reliable signal transmission that these users require.”

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