Tempo Communications Introduces “Spike Marker”

March 8, 2024
The Tempo Communications Spike Marker has many desirable features including versatility and durability.

Tempo Communications launched a new product, the Spike Marker. The device marks objects buried in soil at a maximum of one meter deep. The company considers it the “ideal, compact solution for marking a wide range of applications, including cable TV drops, fiber drops, traffic light control cables, and power or gas lines”.

The Spike Marker has a diameter of less than 20mm and a length of 89mm (3.5 in) making it a compact solution. It is best suited for shallow and narrow ducts where using a bigger marker ball wouldn’t be practical. It can mark important network points including tees, valves, junction boxes, etc.

Spike Marker comes in all industry-standard frequencies and color combinations, with telephone and fiber versions coming with a 7 mm diameter “coupler” nose. “This allows for direct application to ‘dead ends’ of fiber micro-ducts and similar applications using standard off-the-shelf couplers.

Among its features, the Spike Marker is resistant to acids, alkalis, and solvents and is impermeable to water. The device’s outer case is designed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which the company says will ensure its longevity in any environment. The Spike Marker is also versatile as it is compatible with Tempo Communications’ EML-100 Marker Locator and all other industry-standard marker locators.

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