TE Connectivity's powered fiber cable, PoE extender connect HD cameras at large FL golf course

June 3, 2015
Jade Communications selects TE Connectivity's powered fiber cable system for large HD camera deployment at south Florida golf course.

TE Connectivity (NYSE: TEL) announced that Jade Communications of Boca Raton, FL has designed in TE’s powered fiber cable system and PoE extender to slash deployment costs at a golf course.

The 36-camera system at a south Florida golf course, with HD cameras located up to 10,700 feet from the power source, was initially designed with dedicated fiber and power runs to each camera. By designing the system with TE’s powered fiber cable system and PoE extender, however, Jade Communications said it was able to save $142,000 (14.5 percent) in network build-out costs.

TE says its powered fiber cable system "provides a complete rack-to-device vision for both powering and communicating with network access devices such as small cells, HD cameras and Wi-Fi access points. The powered fiber cable system eliminates the complexity of device installation and allows devices like Wi-Fi APs or HD cameras to be placed exactly where they are needed for maximum effectiveness by combining power and optical fiber communications into one system."

The powered fiber cable system is powered by a centrally located, 48V DC, NEC Class II and SELV compliant power supply.

The PoE extender is a small device that incorporates electrical power management, circuit protection electronics, and an optical-to-electrical media converter in an environmentally sealed enclosure. The PoE extender device terminates the powered fiber cable in a weatherproof housing, and provides a single RJ45 jack output for PoE/PoE+ output. Featuring plug-and-play installation, the PoE extender is billed as a simple, unobtrusive way to deploy PoE devices in large buildings, or in urban and suburban areas.

“Our powered fiber cable system and PoE extender were designed to reduce deployment costs and bring power and connectivity to devices up to two miles away from the power source,” says Mark Hesling, global vice president of product management at TE Connectivity. “It is an ideal solution for this golf course application, and well-suited for deployments in urban centers and campuses where installers want to save money and time by delivering PoE power and Gigabit speed connectivity in the same cable.”

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