OFS unveils new all-dry fiber-optic microcables

OFS now offers its MiDia Dry FX all-dry microcable.

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OFS has expanded its all-dry fiber-optic cable series with a new microcable product line.

The company says its MiDia Dry FX microcable can help reduce fiber cable installation costs and improve safety and productivity. Use of the totally dry microcable streamlines cable preparation, the company asserts, as the fibers emerge from their buffer tubes ready for fusion splicing or optical testing without the need for the cleaning gel-filled fiber cables require.

OFS introduced the new fiber-optic cable last week at the FTTH Council Europe's FTTH Conference. The MiDia Dry FX is currently available in three constructions containing up to 144 fibers. OFS's bend-insensitive AllWave+ fiber is standard with the MiDia Dry FX and all of the company's microcables sold into EMEA.

"With their continued focus on reducing costs, our EMEA customers who previously used gel-based cable designs can now realize the installation cost benefits of MiDia Dry FX cables," said Pierre Marty, executive vice president sales and marketing for OFS.

Other OFS microcable lines include MiDia and MiDia GX. The company notes that its AllWave+ fiber is a combination ITU-T G.652.D and G.657.A1 compliant fiber for FTTx, metro, and backhaul network applications.


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