Custom preterminated fiber cabling from Black Box can be configured and ordered online

Sept. 2, 2016
Black Box says it takes just a few clicks to configure and order its preterminated fiber products.

Black Box recently introduced a line of made-to-order preterminated fiber cabling that customers can configure and order online. “With just a few clicks, the configurator walks users through cable types, cores, connectors and other options, including breakouts and pulling eyes,” Black Box explained when announcing the new product line and ordering capability. “The configurator builds a custom SKU and provides end users with a price for instant ordering.

“Preterminated fiber cable saves IT professionals, resellers, integrators, and infrastructure contractors time and money on enterprise fiber deployments,” the company added. Black Box also explained that lead times for these products are short because they are factor assembled at the company’s headquarters. "Black Box fully tests and labels cables before shipment so they arrive plug-and-play ready,” the company continued. “Installation time can be reduced by as much as 70 percent by eliminating long field-termination times and errors. The cables are also guaranteed for life.”

Black Box further estimated that “users will save money with preterminated fiber cable compared to buying the bulk cable and terminating it themselves. Users will eliminate costly fiber waste, consumables, termination equipment, and the labor needed to terminate the cable.”

Ryan Hopkins, cable product manager with Black Box, commented, “The new preterminated fiber offering is in response to customer demand for faster, easier data center deployments. Preterminated fiber gives users a no-hassle, error-free way to install and change enterprise fiber without worrying about the cost, time, or reliability of field terminations.”

Black Box pointed out that the following customization options are available.

  • Five cores: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OS2
  • Seven cable types: Indoor tight-buffered, indoor armored, indoor/outdoor tight-buffered, indoor/outdoor armored, outdoor loose-tube, outdoor armored, zipcord
  • Three jacket constructions: OFNR, OFNP, PE
  • Six connector interfaces: LC, ST and SC—each in APC and UPC polish options
  • Strand counts between 1 and 24; other counts available on request

You can visit Black Box’s preterminated fiber cabling configurator here.

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