The top 20 cabling news stories of 2016

Dec. 21, 2016
Here are's top 20 most-viewed cabling news stories from the past year, listed for your perusal.

With 2016 almost in the books, here are's top 20 most-viewed cabling news stories from the past year, listed for your perusal. Enjoy, and best wishes for a happy 2017!

20.) Proposed revisions to 2017 National Electrical Code would impact PoE deployment
By CHRISTOPHER T. DIMINICO, MC Communications, Cisco Systems -- This article provides a review of the proposed revisions to the NEC that impose new compliance requirements on communications cables used to supply power to communications equipment, considering the impact of Power over Ethernet (PoE) deployment.

19.) How static can lead to fiber-optic connector contamination, and what you can do about it
A video produced by Sticklers explains the potential contamination problems that static charges can create for fiber-optic connectors, and what technicians can do to try to avoid those problems.

18.) 2-minute animation maps all of Earth's undersea Internet cables
Business Insider Science (BI Science) produced this absorbingly animated map which illustrates the global deployment of each and every one of the over 300 undersea cables that power the planet's Internet capabilities.

17.) The 5 most damaging structured cabling scenarios
European structured cabling installer Royce Communications has produced a printable PDF technical brief containing a Cause-and-Effect checklist of the 5 most damaging structured cabling scenarios.

16.) Machine Zone cites substandard cabling architecture, improper fiber management in lawsuit against Peak Hosting
In a legal flap that includes claims and counter-claims, game developer Machine Zone Inc. accused data storage vendor Peak Hosting of improper fiber cabling management and other best-practice failures in a data center.

15.) Nomenclature for WBMMF decided: It’s OM5 fiber
An International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) standards-making body decided that the nomenclature used for wideband multimode fiber (WBMMF) will be OM5.

14.) Cable dressing/bundling tool mounts to hand cart, cable reel, work platform
Developed and manufactured by Tantus Enterprises, LLC, the Bundlizer is a cable dressing/bundling solution that allows the cable to be bundled while it is being pulled and eliminates the dressing step of the cabling installation process.

13.) 3 decent RJ45 crimping videos
Certain familiar techniques are demonstrated on Youtube -- with varying degrees of accuracy.

12.) 3 things you’re likely to see in the TIA-942-B data center standard
The first draft of TIA-942-B that went through committee balloting included several notable changes from the TIA-942-A standard.

11.) New Category 8 plug has integral circuit board technology
Optical Cable Corporation (OCC) introduced a new Category 8 RJ45 plug with integral circuit board technology that provides advanced control of crosstalk, return loss and other impediments, ensuring consistent performance at higher frequencies up to 2000 MHz.

10.) Shooting at Thomas and Betts factory in Tennessee leaves three dead
Tragedy struck a Thomas and Betts manufacturing plant in Athens, TN when a plant employee shot and killed two other employees, then himself on Thursday, September 22.

9.) Cable installer bad day redux
One broadband cabling installer's rap music masterpiece, updated.

8.) TIA revising 568-C.2 twisted-pair copper cabling and component standard
With the new naming convention recently implemented by TIA TR-42, the revised standard will be ANSI/TIA-568.2-D.

7.) Category 8 cable unveiled at CES has heavily shielded, untwisted pairs
Dealerscope’s Katie Nale reported on January 6 that “high-performance audio and video cable provider Wireworld Cable Technology...announced the development of its Starlight Category 8 cables for high-speed media network applications.”

6.) Category 8 standard is one step away from publication
As of February 2016, the TIA Category 8 standard was one step (default ballot) away from publication.

5.) No skimmer required: Crooks can now tap an ATM's network cable
It appears that devices used to conduct ATM "skimming" attacks have gotten even easier to implement. Gizmodo had the story: "There’s a new kind of crime doing the rounds, which involves hijacking the Ethernet cable of an ATM to gather your card information."

4.) Verizon threatens to fire workers who fix copper phone lines
Verizon reportedly told its field technician crews in Pennsylvania that they could be fired if they try to fix broken copper phone lines.

3.) More Must-See Cabling Photos
For those who can't get their fill, the original incarnation of CablingInstall's Must-See Photos picture gallery is contained here. Dive back in!

2.) Sabotage of Verizon's cable lines leaves thousands without service
On April 20, Verizon issued a release stating that thousands of its customers had "been cut off from critical services over the past few days as criminals have damaged or destroyed critical network facilities."

1.) TIA Category 8 cabling standard approved
In early June, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-42 Telecommunications Cabling Systems Engineering Committee approved the ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1 specifications for Category 8 cabling systems. Category 8 cabling infrastructure has been designed to support short-distance (between 5 and 30 meters) runs of 25- or 40-Gbit/sec transmission.

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