The week's top stories: Year zero for cabling?; FO line hacks take only minutes

Dec. 16, 2016
Also: Capitol Hill shifting tone on AT&T merger?; RF Connect deploys DAS in 6 midwest U.S. hospitals; Why the IoT needs DAS

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1.) Editorial: The year that cable changed forever?
By PATRICK MCLAUGHLIN, Chief Editor -- With 2016 almost completely in the rearview mirror, I look at the reflection and it occurs to me that, as years go, this has been a pretty active one in the realm of technological, business, and standards developments having to do with cable.

2.) Fiber-optic line hacks now take only minutes
Ciena's Patrick Scully demonstrates how simple it is to steal massive amounts of data by quickly and easily tapping a fiber-optic cable, and explains how optical encryption can be used to protect against this threat.

3.) RF Connect deploys DAS in 6 midwest U.S. hospitals
The firm has designed and installed distributed antenna systems at six hospitals in a Midwest-based healthcare system.

4.) Capitol Hill shifting tone on AT&T merger?
When AT&T and Time Warner announced their $85.4 billion deal in October, lawmakers greeted the acquisition frostily. What's changed now?

5.) Comment: Why the IoT needs DAS
Wirelessweek editorial contributor explains how the Internet of Things will rely on DAS deployments.

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