CablingInstall's Friday Top 5: The most damaging structured cabling scenarios; Category 8 cabling approved

July 1, 2016
Plus -- Must-See Cabling Pics: Twitter Edition; UniPath eliminates need for multiple cable supports.

Here's the top 5 trending stories at from the past week:

The 5 most damaging structured cabling scenarios
Cause-and-Effect PDF checklist charts the 5 most damaging structured cabling scenarios, with short explanations to illustrate why such problems need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

TIA Category 8 cabling standard approved
The ANSI/TIA-568-C.2-1 specifications document for Category 8 cabling systems is now awaiting publication and is likely to be available soon.

UniPath eliminates need for multiple cable supports
The UniPath is a cable-support assembly designed to eliminate the need for numerous individual installations of cable supports for open-air cabling.

Must-See Cabling Pics: Twitter Edition "You turn your back for a second...damn #network #cabling mess." :(

More Must-See Cabling Photos
For those who can't get their fill, the original incarnation of CablingInstall's Must-See Photos picture gallery is contained here. Dive back in!

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