Huawei introduces AgilePOL passive optical LAN

April 26, 2016
Huawei used last month’s CeBIT exhibition as the platform on which to launch its AgilePOL passive optical LAN system, leveraging its PON market reach.

Huawei used last month’s CeBIT exhibition as the platform upon which it launched AgilePOL, a passive optical LAN system. “The solution uses PON (passive optical network) technologies to build enterprise POL,” the company said. “Passive fibers are used to replace conventional Ethernet cables and switches, flattening the network architecture and making the network easy to deploy and manage. The POL network will provide high bandwidth and multiple services, bringing cloud services within easy reach.”

AgilePOL includes end-to-end device, the company says, including optical line terminal (OLT), optical distribution network (ODN), and optical network unit (ONU). Huawei said AgilePOL offers the following advantageous characteristics: mature PON technologies, high reliability with dual-backbone protection, coexistence with and smooth evolution for 10G PON and 40G PON, independent management for each department through virtualization, smart terminal and open platform that support quick integration of new services.

The company continued, “A traditional enterprise LAN involves multi-layer Ethernet switch aggregation, which complicates the network architecture. As a result, network operations and maintenance costs are high, and bandwidth and service expansion is hard. PON technologies, however, have been successfully applied to residential networks. The fast worldwide FTTH [fiber to the home] rollout has stimulated the maturation of PON technologies and reduced the cost. A PON has a flattened architecture; such a network is easy to manage and maintain, and has low latency and high bandwidth. These features are consistent with the new requirements of enterprise networks, and POL caters to the promotion and application of PON technologies in enterprise.”

Jeff Wang, president of Huawei’s access network product line (pictured, second from left), commented, “Huawei AgilePOL solution will simplify enterprise networks and improve the efficiency and experience of enterprise cloud services. As the largest PON equipment provider with extensive experience in PON project delivery, Huawei will give full play to its advantages in products and solutions, and work with other members to contribute to the POL industry.”

In February, Huawei joined the Association for Passive Optical LAN.

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