Corning boosts attenuation, bend performance of SMF

March 20, 2013
Corning has expanded its family of singlemode optical fibers to include its SMF-28 Ultra fiber.

Corning has announced the latest addition to its family of singlemode optical fibers, the Corning SMF-28 Ultra fiber. Designed for high performance across the range of long-haul, metro, access, and particularly fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network applications, the SMF-28 Ultra optical fiber is fully backward compatible with the installed base of legacy singlemode fibers. However, Corning claims the new, premium singlemode optical fiber is the first in the market to combine the benefits of very low attenuation and improved macrobend performance in the same fiber.

Corning says the improved attenuation of SMF-28 Ultra fiber provides additional margin that can be used to extend spans, lengthen the distance between regenerators, increase the allowable number of cable-cuts, or allow for the broader use of pre-connectorized cables. Additionally, the cable's improved macrobend performance provides greater margins for bends that regularly occur in the field during installation and maintenance, and enables the design and deployment of smaller and lighter cables that can improve duct use and smaller enclosures, or reduce pole/tower loading in aerial deployments.

“SMF-28 Ultra fiber changes the game when it comes to choosing the right singlemode fiber for your network,” contends Barry Linchuck, division vice president and director, worldwide marketing, Corning Optical Fiber. He continues, “Previously, network operators had to choose whether to improve the attenuation or macrobend performance, but now they can have both. This unique combination is made possible through revolutionary process innovations developed by Corning that deliver lower attenuation and improved macrobend performance with no design tradeoffs.”

The new optical fiber has a 9.2-micron mode-field diameter, which Corning notes is equivalent to the majority of competitive standard singlemode fibers and allows for seamless integration into existing networks. The company will demonstrate the performance of its new SMF-28 Ultra optical fiber at this week's OFC/NFOC 2013 conference in Anaheim, CA.

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