OFS expands bend-optimized single-mode fiber line

New offering includes 5 mm bend radius fiber, as well as what the company claims is "the world’s first solid 2.5 mm bend radius fiber."

Responding to customer demand for tighter bends to extend fiber into buildings and living units, OFS announced that it has upgraded its single-mode bend-optimized fiber line with two new offerings, available now:

-- OFS’ new AllWave FLEX Max fiber provides less than 0.10 dB of 1550 nm loss at a 5 mm bend radius, with performance superior to and compliant with both the ITU-T G.657.B3 and G.652.D recommendations. The company says the new fiber offers outstanding bending loss performance for demanding in-building and connectivity applications, and is fully compatible with G.652.D fibers. The new AllWave FLEX Max Fiber complements OFS’ AllWave FLEX+ fiber, a 7.5 bend radius solution designed for general connectivity applications, and AllWave FLEX fiber, a 10 mm bend radius fiber for demanding outside plant cable installations.

-- The company's new EZ-Bend fiber offers less than 0.20 dB of 1550 nm loss at a 2.5 mm bend radius. The fiber utilizes a patented OFS Labs design which enables tight bend loss performance billed as 3-5 times better than competing G.657.B3 fibers. The company says that this enables the fiber to support the most demanding in-building and in-living unit deployments using smaller diameter cords, conformed to surface contours to minimize visibility and speed installation. The company says its new EZ-Bend Fiber is superior to and compliant with G.657.B3 and fully compatible with G.652.D fibers. OFS claims it is the first fully solid-construction fiber to reliably support a 2.5 mm bend radius within a properly engineered cord or cable.

“OFS continues to lead the industry with bend-insensitive single-mode fiber offerings,” comments Andrew Oliviero, director of global product line management for OFS. “We are proud to carry on this tradition of innovation begun by our predecessor, AT&T, which first developed this important product category that is changing the way we meet the ever-growing demand for bandwidth to buildings and residences.”

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