Belden intros LSZH thermoset cable jacket for industrial applications

Belden's HaloarrestXLink LSZH thermoset jacket offers a non-toxic cabling solution for demanding industrial applications.

Belden (NYSE: BDC) has announced the availability of its HaloarrestXLink LSZH thermoset jacket, which offers a non-toxic cabling solution for demanding industrial applications including oil and gas, utility and power generation, transportation, petrochemical and mining. The jacket material offers optimal oil, abrasion and high temperature resistance using a low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) compound.

Designed especially for industrial applications, the thermoset jackets do not melt at any level of heat or when exposed to flame, protecting workers and preventing damage to expensive machinery. Like Belden’s LSZH thermoplastic jackets, the HaloarrestXLink thermoset jackets provide a safe, non-toxic, non-corrosive alternative for organizations that prefer to use non-halogenated products.

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Belden offers two thermoset jacketing options: HaloarrestXLink-1, which is compliant with the UL-1277 Oil Res I requirement and HaloarrestXLink-2, which is compliant with the UL-1277 Oil Res II requirement. The jackets can be specified for any 600V Belden instrumentation or control cable.

The HaloarrestXLink LSZH thermoset jacket has been tested against many common and uncommon environmental corrosives. It is industry-approved for installations and applications that require oil resistance, weather and sun resistance, abrasion resistance and resistance to oxidation, acid and ozone.

Installations of HaloarrestXLink-jacketed cable provide safety without compromising reliability, contends Belden, thus mitigating the risk of downtime related to cable failure. The jacket is available for order now in North and South America.

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