Chinese operators blast 1-Tbps over 3200 km of singlemode fiber

Oct. 30, 2013
ZTE, China Telecom collaborate on Terabit transmission.

As reported by our sister site Lightwave, ZTE Corp. says it has collaborated with China Telecom Corporation Ltd. Beijing Research Institute to send a 1-Tbps signal over a span of 3200 km. The demonstration used a terabit WDM real-time transmission system based on ZTE’s ZXONE 8700 platform.

The optical transmission occurred over G.652 singlemode optical fiber without Raman amplification. That the collaborators maintained this transmission error-free for 24 hours means they set a world record, says ZTE.

The optical transport system reportedly used Nyquist WDM terabit PM-QPSK optical modulation and optical coherent detection technologies, as well as ultra-high-speed signal processing and soft-decision forward error correction algorithms to achieve spectral efficiency of 4 bit/Hz/s.

This is the second major 1-Tbps transmission demonstration ZTE has announced. The company partnered with Deutsche Telekom in early 2012 on a 100G/400G/1T long-haul transmission test over 2450 km. It demonstrated a prototype 400G/1T DWDM prototype system later that year.

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