Examining cabling systems for today’s harsh environments

July 3, 2013
Web seminar addresses some of the toughest conditions place on communications cable, and how the cable can stand up to them.

On July 9, Belden will sponsor and deliver a one-hour web-delivered seminar titled “Cabling Solutions for Harsh Environments, the 2013 Perspective.” The seminar will be hosted by Cabling Installation & Maintenance. During the seminar product line manager for industrial cable Frank Koditek will discuss the importance of choosing the right type of cable for industrial and other hazardous-environment applications.

His presentation explains that many industries—including power generation; oil, gas and petrochemical exploration; food and beverage manufacturing; water and wastewater; automobile manufacturing; mining and others—operate in environments that are far more taxing on a communications system than the commercial office building is. Koditek lays out the physical stresses these environments place on cables, and explains that there is no “one-size-fits-all” cable type for these varying conditions. The seminar describes the different types of industrial-capable cables available and explains how to choose the correct cable for a specific environment.

The seminar is scheduled to broadcast live at 1pm EDT Tuesday, July 9. After its live broadcast it will be available for on-demand viewing for six months. Individuals who attend the seminar in its entirety can earn one ITS continuing education credit (CEC) from BICSI. You can find more detail on the seminar here and register for it here.

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